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Lily's Story: A Micro-Preemie's Second Year

Latest Update: Another Trip on A Plane
Prior Segment: July 2007 - Enjoying the Summer

August and another trip to Oregon to visit family. What a trip it was...

We had purchased 3 seats on Northwest made possible through a generous donation from Jed's parents. We were all packed and ready to go. We managed to arrange for friends to drive us to the airport. The tickets were purchased through Orbits which is how we usually buy air tickets.

Orbits'automatic call came on my cellphone to tell us that our flight was delayed. Jed called Northwest to find out what was going on, and learned our flight wasn't delayed. It was canceled. The landing field was being repaved at Minneapolis, so small flights weren't allowed that day.

Northwest told us we could rebook from the next day, or they could move us over to United and we could fly out that day. We foolishly chose to fly on United. This can be considered a ringing endorsement for Northwest, which has always come through for us. United however, was a nightmare.

We decided to try and stop pumping breastmilk for Lily as she is now a year old and we had a freezer full of frozen breastmilk. We called Northwest can we told to pack it with dry ice in a vented solid plastic container. People are allowed to carry up to 4 pounds of dry ice per person flying, but the container must be labeled. Also, never put dry ice in the airplane toilet. As dry ice is frozen nitrogen, it creates a reaction where it connects with any moisture nearby when combined with water. Thus damaging the airplane from frozen prongs running like ice sheets from the toilet. No, this didn't happen to us, because we were warned beforehand. Anyway, the proper way to get rid of dry ice is to just let it melt/evaporate on its own.

Since we changed airline carriers and booked again the same day, the Federal Aviation Police marked us as possible terrorists. Can you believe that? Thus we had to have our luggage searched by hand at all airports. We also had to be searched by hand at each checkpoint.

So, they inspected my breastmilk, taped the plastic container open for ventilation, then decided they had to do it again...


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